Commercial Lighting Design

D-Light Design has completed a wide variety of commercial lighting projects including Offices, Museums, Restaurants and Showrooms. We work closely with our clients, taking their ideas and vision and turning them into a reality.

Good lighting is essential to the aesthetics of business premises as well as employee well-being and productivity. Our professional lighting design service can enhance all types of commercial sites including offices, industrial, retail outlets, hotel and leisure and entertainment facilities.

Inspirational Lighting

D-Light has created imaginative and inspiring lighting designs on a wealth of commercial projects. Our diverse portfolio includes everything from contemporary office to church lighting. Our achievements include the lighting design and install of LABC Building Excellence Awards Winner for the ‘Best Individual Dwelling’ in the West of England.

A Comprehensive Service

Our design service includes; meeting with the client or architects, lighting layout drawings, circuit plans, specification and data and luminaire costing sheets. You have the option to use our fully inclusive service; from design, through to installation. We can liaise with all members of your building team; from architects to electricians and provide onsite supervision if required.

Working to the Highest Standards

Our NICEIC approved contractors can complete your lighting installation. This ensures harmony between the design and fit for smooth onsite progress and less hassle. Installation will be compliant to the latest legislation and meet the required standard for mains and emergency lighting for your peace of mind.

Completely Impartial

We have no affiliations with any lighting manufacturer or wholesaler. The lighting we specify is chosen solely because of its merit and suitability for the individual project. This gives our clients the freedom to select light fittings from a whole range of different manufacturers which can be very beneficial to the commercial buyer.

Lighting Considerations

Even though there tends to be more restrictions when it comes to lighting a commercial property compared to a domestic, we do believe that this should not curtail creative flair. As long as budgets are maintained and energy efficiency considered, we can still produce lighting schemes that have a welcoming environment with maybe a dramatic first impression.
The right lighting can transform commercial properties; improving the working environment for staff and creating the right ambience for clients and customers. Lighting can be used to showcase products, create a sense of drama, welcome guests, conceal certain areas or guide people through a space. A good commercial lighting design can also enable you to control energy usage and costs, with the use of timers or sensors to control when lights are used.


Office work involves a variety of visual tasks so it’s important to get it right. Optimum lighting conditions can increase productivity and accuracy, whilst minimising fatigue and eye strain. This is requires a combination of lighting which considers the nature of tasks performed, placement of fixtures, the colour of the light, reflection, glare and shadows.
D-Light Design can guide you through the maze of legislation to create a comfortable working environment for employees that promotes good health, safety and inspiration – this also includes full emergency lighting plans.

Retail Outlets

Lighting is very important in a retail environment; effective use can dramatically improve performance. Commercial lighting in a retail outlet should be considered as a sales tool. It can be used in a variety of different ways to enhance the shopper’s experience and increase the chance that they will purchase. Frontal lighting can initially entice customers into a store and guide them around inside via promotional areas. Lighting can be used to highlight certain products, create exciting displays and convey specific moods or themes.

Industrial Premises

Industrial lighting must takes into account the visual tasks involved in production, the operating conditions of the facility and be compliant with the latest legislation. A successful design will improve operational efficiency, enhance productivity and save energy. Areas should be lit only when in use, light should be reduced when not required in order to reduce energy costs and lower the business’ carbon footprint.

Leisure & Entertainment

A shared goal in commercial lighting designs for leisure and entertainment sites is that they need to be flexible, so the appearance of a space can be altered at the touch of a button. The lighting in restaurants or hotels must adapt to a variety of scenarios from bright at breakfast to calming and relaxing in the evening.

Lighting for bars, nightclubs and other entertainment venues must be able to convey the correct mood at different events. It must also be energy efficient to save on consumption, low maintenance and simple to use. This is important as it needs to be easily controllable by staff on a daily basis.

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