Domestic Lighting Design

D-Light Design offer innovative domestic lighting solutions with a complete design and installation service. We’ve been established almost a decade and have 15 years lighting design experience. Our service offers lighting to fit your preferences, lifestyle, energy efficiency needs and budget constraints.

We’re completely independent, so you’re not tied to using a particular supplier or manufacturer. Our design service can be tailored to suit your needs; from an individual room, to a complete building.

Creativity & Experience - D-Light have worked on a diverse range of projects to create imaginative and inspiring lighting, in both contemporary and traditional styles. This design flair is combined with unrivalled technical expertise for a superior service. Our head designer is professionally trained in architecture, with extensive knowledge and understanding of the construction industry and building regulations.

Complete Service – Our design service includes; meeting with the client or architects, lighting layout drawings, circuit plans, specification and data and luminaire costing sheets. With D-Light, you have the option to use our fully inclusive service; from design, right through to installation. We can liaise with all members of your building team; from architects to electricians and also offer an onsite supervision service.

High Standards – Our NICEIC approved contractors, can complete your lighting installation. This ensures harmony between the designer and installer for smooth progress onsite and ultimately; stunning lighting results.

Impartial Designs - We have no particular allegiance to any lighting manufacturer or wholesaler, this means the lighting we specify is chosen solely because of its merit and suitability for the individual project. This gives you the freedom to specify any light fitting, from a whole range of different manufacturers.

Award Winning Designs - D-Light carried out the design and install on LABC Building Excellence Awards Winner for the “Best Individual Dwelling” in the West of England.

Domestic Lighting and Interior Design

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of architecture, interior and exterior design. The arrival of new technologies means there has never been a more creative time to light your home. You can benefit from exciting new ranges, superior lighting control and enhanced automation.

D-Light specialise in large, fully automated, individual homes either in a contemporary or traditional style. With more advances in lighting control, we can now produce stunning results that not only reflect different moods but also contribute to energy efficiency.

A good lighting scheme includes a variety of light sources whether it comes from up-lighters, down, wall washing or task lighting. With traditional properties a more sympathetic approach may be needed. In these situations, the lighting effect can be far more important than the light fitting itself, so with clever designs and maybe the use of colour, lighting schemes can be produced that will enhance special architectural features or furniture without overpowering them.

Illuminating your Home

Hallways – Make a dramatic first impression with a well-designed lighting scheme to enhance your hallway. Benefit from bright, welcoming lighting with flexibility and safety in mind.

Stairways – Directional lights will guide the stair-climbers’ attention for a safe passage. You can use lighting to illuminate dark corners, highlight features and enhance the space.

Living Rooms - The heart of the home is used for a variety of different activities, a good lighting design will cater to this. For example, you’ll be able to enjoy ambient light for entertaining and suitable task lighting for reading. As well as function, your lighting design will have aesthetic appeal, taking into account natural light, shadow, colours and textures.

Dining Rooms - You can enhance your dining experience and set the scene no matter what the occasion. Whether that’s an intimate dinner for 2 or a children’s birthday party, there are many lighting solutions which will allow you to set the perfect mood.

Kitchens - Enjoy appropriate illumination for all aspects of your daily routine; from bright at breakfast to more subtle at supper-time. Kitchen lights must be safe; with task lighting to illuminate work surfaces for food preparation. Bespoke options can provide extra light for whatever else you do in the kitchen, from relaxing over a bottle of wine to helping the kids with their homework.

Bedrooms - A professional light design for the bedroom will allow you to change the mood of the space from bright and invigorating in the morning, peaceful and relaxing during the day, to comfy and calming at night.

Bathrooms - Your lighting design must be safe and extremely functional. Bright enough for you to comfortably shave or apply make-up with the option for ambient, relaxing lights to take a long bath.

Exterior Lighting - Enjoy your garden night and day with attractive lighting that will extend the use of your outdoor space.

Find out what we can do for your domestic lighting project – contact us at or call 01793 710003.