domestic lighting

Domestic lighting considerations for your lounge

D-Light Design has over 15 years’ experience in domestic lighting design and installation.  We know that poor lighting at home can make or break the ambiance of a room and hinder its functionality.  Here are some things you need to consider when considering lighting for your lounge.


Living room lighting plans can be difficult because these days, the room is expected to be totally multifunctional.  Therefore it requires a strategic combination of task and ambient lighting.  How do you use your lounge?  What activities or tasks do you do in the room?  Where do you do them?  What do you use the room for predominantly?  Whether it’s reading, studying, watching TV, entertaining or relaxing after hard day, you’ll need to consider what type of lighting you need and where it should be positioned.

Focal Point

Where’s the focal point?  Is it the TV, fireplace or seating area?  Where does your furniture point to?  This will affect where the lighting is positioned and directed.


Domestic lighting choices must complement the theme, style, colours and textures of your lounge.  Is your interior design contemporary or traditional?   What is your colour scheme?  What textures are used in your soft furnishings?  Contemporary LED lighting is not going to complement shabby-chic style lounge with distressed furniture and a sheepskin rug.  If you have a bright, vibrant colour scheme, ambient yellow lighting may not be the best choice.

Room Features

Does the room have any features you’d like to highlight?  This may be a feature ceiling or fireplace, original artwork or a bookcase.  A successful lighting plan will enhance the exiting features of your lounge and fit in with the style of the property.  It can also draw attention to unique furniture, wall art, collectables or other objects of interest displayed in your lounge.

Natural Light

How much natural light does your lounge get?  Which direction does the light come from?  Where does it not reach?  Are there any dark corners?  Where does the lounge face – north, south?  Where do shadows form?  This will affect the strength of the lighting required and it’s positioning.  For instance a north facing room, with lots of dark corners may need brightening with lamps or spotlights.