Exterior Lighting

The benefits of using a designer for Exterior Lighting Projects

Whether it is on the grounds of a commercial or domestic building there are a vast range of elements to think about when setting up any exterior lighting. As such it is well worth considering using a lighting designer to ensure that the setup is successful.

Lighting designers can help improve the processes involved with setting up the most effective layout for your lights, and they are particularly useful when it comes to exterior lighting. Experience is an invaluable asset and with a good lighting designer you will have someone who has worked on a variety of projects and will be able to offer advice and guidance. Designers will offer a skilled interpretation for you and will understand the potential and limitations within any lighting project. An effective lighting designer can actually save you money by ensuring the job is done correctly first time around and the best materials are selected for the job at the best prices.

When choosing a lighting designer for your exterior lighting it is best not select someone that is affiliated with a manufacturer as their primary interest will be in the sale of their product, not in what is the best solution for your project. You must also choose a lighting designer that has the correct accreditation for the job. Choosing someone with experience in your type of project is also a bonus so it is worth trying to find a designer who has done this type of work before.

With any exterior lighting project there are many elements that have to be considered. Even the types of lights alone are many and varied and include up-lights, spotlights, lanterns, pendants, rope lights and underwater LEDs so it is really worth taking on an extra pair of eyes to view the project. Often the designer will come up with a solution which you may not even have considered.