Why use a designer for Domestic Lighting

Domestic lighting has changed dramatically over the past decade and in addition to the growing range of products that there are on the market there is the escalating cost of electricity. With all of the various elements that there are to consider turning to a professional to carry out a domestic lighting project is proving ever more popular.

Lighting designers for a domestic light project offer a host of benefits which are well worth considering. With a good lighting designer you will find someone that is professional, knowledgeable and offers good value for money. It is fair to say that the installation of a lighting system is an expensive process, but if it is done incorrectly by someone who does not have the skill or expertise to understand this kind of project it can be much more costly indeed. A lighting designer will be able to give you a plan, designed within your budget and then ensure the work is carried out within your set financial constraints and time frames.

When selecting a lighting designer for your domestic project you should be looking for a few key elements. Make sure the person you select has the correct accreditation for this kind of work. A lighting designer should have NICEIC approval for their contractors. It is also good advice to choose someone who has experience in the type of work you require. It is worth noting whether the designer is affiliated with any manufacturer. If they are it may affect the amount of choice that they have to offer, so it is best to choose a designer that is a free agent in this respect.